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About Venture Group

Our Mission is 'Turning ideas into action'

Venture Group is committed to ensuring that our projects have practical application and that what we do makes a positive difference to individuals, communities, regions and New Zealand as a whole.

It’s a way of life – how we work is how we live

We provide specialised skills and high quality services to companies, departments and organisations so that they can achieve their priorities, quick smart. We’re good listeners, lateral thinkers, pragmatic and able to work effectively with people from all levels of your organisation. Tell us what you want to achieve - together we’ll work out how best it can be accomplished.

Venture Group aims to model good practice business development internally, externally, in the way we work, and in the projects we work on. We are increasingly moving into areas that put into practice our aim to align our work and our lives, reflecting our interest in making a positive difference to communities locally, nationally and internationally.


Our expertise

Our people are highly experienced and you can read more about them, their achievements, and about projects they have undertaken.

Venture Group Ltd is registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as a Private Training Establishment under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments.

We provide Modern Apprenticeships Co-ordination services for Learning State, the Public Sector Industry Training Organisation and Venture Group staff are registered by Learning State to assess Public Sector Unit Standards to Level 7.

Venture Group is the Northland facilitator of workshops for sorted.org.nz  Sorted is a propgramme of seminars and information created by the Retirement Commission which provide information to assist people to manage their personal finances throughout their life.

Venture Group is registered through New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Enterprise Northland to provide capability development services to small businesses in Northland. Through a voucher scheme businesses can receive up to 50% of the costs of these services. 


Our networks

Our established network gives us a wide skill base and the capacity to manage a number of large-scale and long duration projects simultaneously. Venture Group undertakes work on a local, regional and national basis and has a particular understanding of trends and issues within provincial New Zealand, and the Northland region in particular.

Being able to draw on resource people in many sectors throughout the country means Venture Group can create value for clients at an affordable cost. We are confident of our ability to exceed clients’ expectations. Meet the Venture Group team...

Our focus on sustainability

Venture Group has a strong ethical stance on sustainable practice and we have sustainability policies in place to support our own work in practical and aspirational terms.  Our approach to working with clients builds on the need for sustainable actions, both for a successful business and culture, and to achieve environmental and social goals.

The company has a Sustainability Policy and Action Plan that outlines what we do to minimise company use of non-renewable resources though practical measures. These include rationalising air travel, clustering appointments that require travel and sharing transport whenever feasible.

Venture Group team members have appropriate ICT, internet access and mobile phones to enable them to work from home rather than travel to the office, dependent on the demands of the work in which they are engaged. Staff can choose to work 3 to 5 day weeks under a flexi-time system that encourage genuine life-work alignment, with generous paid leave and conditions of employment.

We see good employer practices as fundamental to building a sustainable business. Venture Group employment conditions include a commitment to EEO and to employing staff with the background and or skills to work with the diverse communities of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

The Venture Group office is located in a heritage building with good natural lighting and stairs instead of a lift. Staff dress to suit the weather and use natural ventilation rather than heaters and air conditioning.

Venture Group recycles all office paper and plastic, utilises e-waste recycling opportunities for computers, toner and other equipment. We are an active supporter of DonateNZ, the resource recycling exchange for community organisations, and an active member of the Northland Sustainable Business network.

Venture Group is keen to extend our commitment to sustainable development as a business into further areas of our work. To find out more about Venture Group’s sustainable business practices, and our ideas around sustainable development, contact jill@venturenz.co.nz

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