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Anne Mattin

Anne Mattin joined Venture Group in March 2010 as a Workplace Literacy tutor.

Previously she was the Literacy and Numeracy Tutor in a large PTE, where she was responsible for the design and delivery of individual and group programmes, and building capability in vocational tutors.

Anne has a background in early childhood education, and a special interest in learning difficulties and behavioural problems. This led to her working for a number of years for Group Special Education and in private tutoring. She also has a broader interest in the role of workplace communication as it impacts on business management and company productivity.

In 2009 she took part in Waikato University’s series of workshops which focused on embedding literacy and numeracy into adult vocational courses, trialling the new literacy and numeracy assessment tool for the Tertiary Education Commission. Anne is currently completing the second year of the two year National Certificate in Adult Education for Educators with the Manukau Institute of Technology.

Anne lives in Parua Bay with her husband, teenage family and a selection of other wildlife.

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