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Jenny Taylor

Jenny has worked for more than twenty five years in the market research industry. She has extensive experience in servicing the needs of a diverse range of clients – across FMCG and service sectors (especially telecommunications, financial and retail), local Councils and government-related bodies. The range of social organisations Jenny has worked with is broad and includes Inland Revenue, Housing New Zealand, Working for Families, Ministry of Social Development, Department of Conservation and the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Jenny has considerable experience in qualitative research (e.g. designing and conducting in-depth interviews, exploratory interviews and focus groups, analysing and reporting the findings), and quantitative research (e.g. designing face-to-face, telephone, paper based, or online questionnaires, interviewing, analysis and reporting, presenting research findings, conclusions and recommendations to different audiences.

A significant part of Jenny’s work has involved research focusing on evaluation of customer experiences with respect to services in the social and commercial sectors. This work often requires designing on-going tracking programmes, reporting of trends and changes, and diagnostic research of any emergent issues impacting on customers’ experience.

Jenny's most recent work project with Venture Group was for DOC:

Department of Conservation: Kiwi Protection in Northland.  Market research to shape a new community education programme designed to help protect kiwi and reduce the number of kiwi being killed by dogs.  Jenny interviewed a demographic cross-section of residents from across the District to find out what they knew about the viability of local kiwi populations and the threat that dogs pose to them.  The results of the survey were collated and a report with recommendations provided to the Northland regional office of DOC.

Jenny lives at Matapouri Bay. For many years she commuted weekly to Auckland for her work. During this time she was employed by ACNielsen and its predecessors, and Colmar Brunton in client servicing director roles. She now mainly works from home and is self-employed.

She and her partner enjoy developing their ‘sanctuary’, sailing, music, new culinary experiences and good wine.

Jenny has a Master of Arts degree in Educational Sociology from Massey University.

Work strengths
  • Client servicing
  • Survey design
  • Cognitive testing of questionnaires
  • Qualitative interviewing/Focus group facilitator
  • Project management
  • Analysing findings, making sense of the results
  • Working in a team

Interest areas
  • Wide and varied – discovering and understanding people’s needs, behaviour, feelings and attitudes and what these mean for the client, irrespective of the subject!
  • Adult and community education
  • Conservation and sustainability
  • Customer satisfaction
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